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Spring / Summer 2020

Graduation Collection

Hidden Geometries

Photography Ruggero Mengoni
Model Rose Greenfield
MUAH Liza Samokhina

The theme for this collection came from my fascination of the harmony in the midst of disarray. Some things, at a glance, seem disorderly, and then reveal themselves to be in perfect synch with one another.
I specifically looked at communist Russia, 1924-26. Everything was dictated by the government, and in those times the masses found a way to convey one’s playful side in sometimes very harsh environments. Convenience and function were key, and so individuals had access to these home-made patterns, showing how to make everyday clothes. With their straight lines and geometric shapes they did not work with the human anatomy, looking very different to the way in which construction works today. ¬¬¬¬In starkness and dread, when fabrics and fashion were scarce this was a way of self-expression.
The garments I made may seem simple on the outside, but they reveal themselves in a new light when converting or moving. When you look at these garments, with pieces unattached, they may look in disarray, but once they transform, everything has its place Geometry is key, taken from the original patterns and the colour palette consists of primaries, taken from the propaganda and defined the movement. In this collection I wanted to transform this geometry into movement.

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